As a wood grows its trees autonomously, creating a perfect balance by itself, our way of farming aims to repeat the processes happening spontaneously in the natural environments. We apply the principles of biodynamical farming and permaculture to enable the development of microbiological biodiversity of soil and humus


Being farmers means for us being guardians of the land and its fertility, and producing healthy and tasty food, preserving the environment for future generations.


Extra virgin olive oil

Siena sunlight joins the mineral side of the land and the warmth of the sun in our olives. Our olive groves (called “leccino”, “moraiolo”, “frantoiano”, “pendolino”) are located on chalky and hard soils, 500 mt from the sea level, and do not meet any fertilizer, nor chemical treatments.

We perform cold milling with mechanical processes made at an ancient mill, where the oil is also bottled. Our oil is then stored in the dark at a temperature between 15 °C and 19 °C, and it keeps its perfection, with an extraordinary sequence of tastes and scents.


In our vegetable gardens, we pick up the products that the land generously offers us. Farming means for us being constantly looking for ancient varieties, and testing methods for growing fruits and vegetables – such as the synergistic or circular growing - that might respect the soil, the biodiversity and the natural rhythms of the seasons, giving healthy products. Gift from the land that we can touch, smell and taste even in our dishes.

We believe that creating harmony in the vegetable gardens, by growing medicinal plants, spices, flowers and vegetables together, and by respecting the rhythm of the seasons, is a way for enhancing senses: an experience that we would love to share with our guests.